Product Quality Guaranteed

Motivated by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we consistently exceed customer expectations through the delivery of high-quality products and exceptional service. This is accomplished through site visits, robust control management, and partnerships with independent assurance companies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Logistics Handling Capability

We have a proven track record of moving more than 850 thousand tonnes of cargo annually, and our capacity is constantly growing to accommodate greater haulage and demands. With enhanced management and technology, we guarantee high efficiency in our logistics operations while meeting customers’ tight deadlines.

Established Supplier Network

Our initiative involves sourcing supplies from diverse producers worldwide. We aim to provide flexibility and enhanced security to meet our customers’ demands without disruptions due to supply shortages.

Our partners include reputable petrochemical producers such as SCG, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, PetroChina, PETRONAS, and Sinopec, to name a few.

Professional & Technical

Our dedication to provide the best experience and satisfaction to our customers has led us to continuously provide training and guidance to our personnel. Through continuous training and guidance, we ensure that our personnel provide exceptional service in delivering tailored solutions and reliable support to meet our customers’ needs.

Over 25 years in the industry

WAKOMAS’ success was achieved through our shared values and dedication to build long-term relationships and parallel growth with our stakeholders.

A business relationship that is built upon the endurance of time brings trust, and the accommodation and flexibility across all matters.

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